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Standard Scaffolding Specialists Limited is a full service erection/construction organisation established to meet the demands for flexible, cost effective scaffold erection services.

Services include:

• Scaffold construction services/project management

• Scaffold advice and guidance

• Scaffold access requirements on Railtrack infrastructure

• Specialised scaffold structures required during highway/motorway maintenance.

• Specialised scaffolds for film and television productions.

• Scaffold erection and dismantling by CITB trained operatives

• Scaffolding inspection services

• Design/erection of specialised scaffolds

• Preparation of scaffold design drawings, calculations and design check certificates

Standard Scaffolding Specialists Limited recognises the impact of its operations on both the local and global environment. The company seeks to contribute to sustainable development by incorporating environmental considerations in business decision making at every level of the organisation.

Standard Scaffolding Specialists Limited is committed to continual improvement of its environmental performance and pollution prevention.




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